Obedience Training


We are a friendly, sociable club, meeting at Wellingborough Rugby Club.


We hold classes which follow The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

The scheme is straightforward and non-competitive. It brings together simple exercises such as grooming, exercise, diet, responsible dog ownership, general healthcare and obedience training.

It begins with the Puppy Foundation class, an eight week course to learn the basics of dog training.

Puppy Foundation Classes - Tuesdays

Bronze Classes - Wednesdays

General Obedience - Mondays
Advanced Obedience - Wednesdays


If you are interested in enrolling your dog into an obedience class please contact us through our Facebook page.

All class members should ensure they have access to the class WhatsApp group, as changes or cancellations of sessions  will be communicated on WhatsApp.  Thank you.

Puppy Foundation Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Tuesday Evenings - 6.30pm & 7.30pm

If you are looking to enrol in our classes, please contact us on  our Facebook page

Bronze Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Wednesday Evenings - 8pm

Places are firstly offered to anyone completing our puppy foundation classes.

If you wish to enrol for this class, please message us on our facebook page and we can confirm if spaces are available.

General Obedience

Monday Evenings - 8pm 

If you wish to progress your dogs obedience training, we hold further classes which follow Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme exercises.

If you wish to enrol in these classes, please message us on facebook to check if spaces are available.

Advanced Obedience

Wednesday evenings - 7pm

We hold classes for the more experienced handlers and dogs wishing to progress to competition levels. 

If you wish to enrol in these classes, please message us our facebook page to check if we have available spaces

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